Here is what Einstein and Tesla said about trading

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    they said do unto others what you wouldn't do to yourself

    LOL do you guys get it, when it comes to trading I and those few like me are your worst enemy

    the insiders who love to see you fail, even when it seems that we help you, we lead you to the wrong path

    don't you understand

    the cruelty, the mental suffering and anguish I provide to people on other side of my trade

    the horrible beauty of nature itself

    if you saw me on the street driving my AMG SL, the way I stop considerately for older lady to pass and smile at sight of little children playing in the park

    you could almost forget

    Who I am and what I do to people
  2. poor soul
  3. Whatever you are taking, now would be the time to discontinue that medication...
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    Man, I hope this guy has a newsletter, or a website or something I can pay money to subscribe to. This guy's a true leader, you are all jealous of him. When he leads me to the salvation of profitable trading we'll have the last laugh at you jealous, petty people.
  5. This is what happens when you post naked.
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    LOL this is THE post of the year, well done :)
  7. More than likely a narcisso-schizoidal disorder caused by excessive MDMA use usually.
    Best ignored.
  8. naked1


    you got a point you really do, the only trouble is

    holy crap what if there is no substance abuse of any kind, not even occasional drink or a cigarette

    what do I do then OMFG :)

    before I get stroke or something I should talk to kids in high school and warn them about dangers of being born wrong :)
  9. The top few who who have enriched themselves from the market, do not brag & boast. I don't know one single really successful trader who is faintly interested in or wastes energy on puffed up claims of greatness. So most of the so called gurus and all the riff raff of loose cannons bragging about their success are mostly fantasists - the lost souls of the trading world.
  10. I'm sure the people on the other side of his paper trades are getting slaughtered. I hear they are paying 45% interest compounded daily on all paper trading accounts so the guy could be the real deal.:D
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