Here is the way of making $million

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  1. exce26


    My initial investment: $100,000
    Total period: 3 month
    Result: -$975,589

    Conclusion: The above result are my simulation for 3 month. Therefore, all I need to do is trading completely opposite way in real life. :D
  2. The DeLorean will be by in a few. Marty and Doc are working on the flux capacitor.
  3. The opposite doesn't mean it will win. Failure has many forms, but success has only one result.
  4. Buzzzzzz.... wrong again. Just in case you aren't totally kidding, never presume that doing the opposite will be successful. As I have said before using craps as an analogy, the dice can be hot, cold, or.... lukewarm. There are three scenarios to acct for, not just two.
  5. You will be able to go back in time and take the opposite side of all your trades.
  6. What instruments were you trading to lose so much?

    I'm guessing you were either selling naked options or you were trading futures using way, way too much leverage.

    Gee, how many margin calls did you get in your simulation?

    Also, I agree with the above posts that success is not necessarily the opposite of failure.
  7. So why don't you just run your simulation doing the opposite and find out. Chances are it's not as black and white as that.
  8. You still have to watch out for Bif, no matter what time you go to.

    Mom, is that you?
  9. LOL! thats some system you have! A basic trend following system using weekly charts WILL work,if the trader will let it.
  10. Your logic suggests that if you try to lose money, you willactually make money. Are you going to try an lose?
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