Here is the solution to the current global economic problem

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  1. First read this:


    the last phase has begun, you can delay it but you can't prevent it

    there never was an endless cheap source of energy there never will be, even if there is a god he never gave a sh*t about you, you didn't even give him a reason to

    there is not enough resources on this planet, and there is not enough energy to send you out to explore other planets for resources

    the more you delay it the more painful it is going to get for the majority of entities on this planet

    I suggest you cut the crap and get it over with as soon as possible


    I know some of you will try to act all smart and stuff, and start saying sh*t like; how 'bout we start with you. First off we are not talking 1 or 2 people, we are talking billions, second be my guest


    "During stationary phase, the growth rate slows as a result of nutrient depletion and accumulation of toxic products. This phase is reached as the bacteria begin to exhaust the resources that are available to them."
  2. BILLIONS???? REALLY? Are you telling me that the majority of the 6.6 billion people alive today will be dead 75-80 years from now?

    OH NO!!! I had no idea it was this bad! 6.6 billion dead! This has to be the worst disaster in the history of the world!

    To think...all those people dead....and in the worst way possible! From old age!

    And what about the resources? Oh no! How is it possible to survive without natural resources like oil. (because life didnt exist 150 years ago when people started using oil, right?)

    I mean to think...people will have to start living on large tracts of land called farms to survive instead of 250 sq ft condos. How terrible life will be.
  3. So in your first 10 posts, you thought you would come talk to us like we take this crap seriously? It's not serious news, but a Malthusian trap that has been proven wrong every single time it is suggested. Technology always overcomes the trap, and while it is true we'll all be dead in 100 years, it doesn't mean the population won't rebuild itself.

    There's only 1 country with a declining population growth rate and that's Russia, because everyone loves Cigarrettes and Vodka with a life expectancy quite a bit below 60.

    Barring nuclear war, I doubt there won't be life on this planet 200 or even 1000 years from now.
  4. this huge population on earth didn't just pop out of thin air, they consumed the resources on earth to grow and reporduce, and it didn't take place over night, took thousands of years, and it will take thousands of years for natural cycles to get rid of them, once reduced to lower numbers it might start increasing again, but that is not the point, the point is that if we force our existence upon earth, if we force the planet earth to maintain us, it will but at a cost, and the cost will be life long suffering, the majority of humans will suffer through out their life, and die suffering
  5. read my previous post on this thread

    I never said anything about the end of humanity, I was talking about the natural cycles regarding increase/decrease in the population of living entities

  6. There is, we just don't have the technology yet.
    See here:
    This is where hundreds of billions of dollars and euros should be invested instead of fighting oil wars in the Middle East.

    I never understood why this potential is so ignored and generally unknown.