Here is the 8/17/06 Traders Webcast LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS & PASSWORD

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  1. The registration page for the Traders Club Webcast is not working on our site, so here are the log in instructions and Password to attend meeting online at 7:00 PM Eastern Time with our presenters tonight Don Bright of Bright Trading and Rob Friesen of

    The PASSWORD is: trade (all small letters)

    If you have already attended a meeting in past using the Cornerstone webcast platform, then you can access the room simply by clicking on the green, white & red icon with the word Conference underneath it, that was put on your desktop from attending a previous meeting. If it is not there or this is your first time. Follow instructions below to enter room.

    NOTE: We don't use PalTalk, we use instead the platform that you will access at the link below.

    1. To download or log into webcast platform click on link below:

    2. A file download window will come up, click Run or Open

    3. Another window will come up stating that we are an unknown publisher and asking you if you want to run this software, click Run again.

    4. After the download you will see a box that says Please enter you first and last name, so enter that info. Under that it will say Please select chat room, it should say Cornerstone Investors Network. Under that will be an OK button, just click on it to enter the webcast room.

    5. When you log in you should be viewing the home page of Cornerstone Investors Network if the presentation has not started or the speaker's slides if you arrive in the room after the speaker starts their presentation.

    6. A red, white & green windows icon will be put on your desktop that you can click on to attend this meeting and future meetings. When you click on that to attend meetings just one pop up window will come up for the conference, just click Run or Open and it will take you into the conference meeting room.

    You can even go there now if you like and you will see the Cornerstone welcome page and then on the day of the presentation all of the other functions like the talk/voice feature and being able to type messages in the text area will be operational when the moderator is in the room.
  2. Meeting just getting started, so everyone is welcome to come in room.
  3. Can someone please let me know if you were able to record the presentation?

    The conference program simply wouldn't install despite trying two different computers. I would've really liked to have seen this, hope it will be good...