Here is my spy chart - dont be fooled...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackstone54, May 1, 2008.

  1. Ok here it is. We still need to go through the 50% level for the breakout. Im still not confident.

    If you want to be long, then long one of the airlines and catch a double.
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  2. After a Fed sponsored rally ---There is a BIG WHITE CANDLE sitting on SPY chart today point at your____. Better get out and save your account value. Hope you lost those SPY puts today.
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    So we go a little higher, I hope we rally hard tomorrow again because Im loading up on SDS, QID and adding a little more to my DXD position....Added TWM today along with some UYM.....
  4. He doesn't have an account. He just makes predictions, and really bad ones at that.
  5. Im going to call my bearish stance quits if the index can make it past 1410. 1410 is the line in the sand!!! If close past 1410, then I will be forced to go bullish.

  6. Yawn.
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    you made one hell of a call Holy Grail a while back i might add....the man said north and we be heading north....

    p.s. what do you call this...a triple double??? :D
  8. The SPY chart isn't accurrate because of dividends. Use the SPX.
  9. I've done my research. 1410 is the absolute line in the sand. The employment report tommorrow is either going to make us or break us tommorrow.

    If the employment report is good then we are about ready for an ultrabull, but if the back is broken then we are ultra bear.

    I talked with quite a few people and went through so many charts.

    I feel the airlines have the most up-room to go from here...