Here is my situation - need help!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rani, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. rani


    Hi all,

    I am new here and would start with asking you for a help.
    Here is my current situation:
    Broker - IB
    Datafeed - Esignal (obviously do not use IB data for charting)
    Charting SW - Investor R/T with Esignal data
    Trade management SW - ButtonTrader

    I plan to open a new account just to scalp futures (Global Futures or Dorman or Velocity are on my shortlist). I would also keep the Investor R/T for charting, strategy development and backtesting (extremely satisfied). There are two problems however:
    1. I cannot use the Buttontrader for trade management as it works exclusively with IB. This is a pity as the Buttontrader is very good. So that I need to replace with at least as good one. However X_trader is not supported by IB. What are my other choices (of course I just want ONE for both brokers).
    2. Investor R/T now supports the Rhitmics / ZenFire datafeed. Does it make sense in your opinion to leave Esignal datafeed and use ZenFire with DTN Iqfeed for backfill (offered by Linnsoft for $ 15 / month). This will save money in case I can get the Zenfire datafeed from the second broker.

    Obvious solution for above situation would be to use Ninjatrader (supports both IB and my new broker) and all mentioned datafeeds. I have lifetime license of Ninjatrader, but I will do everything to stay away from it - it is far behind Investor R/T for charting and backtesting as well as lack features for trade management compare to Buttontrader.

    Any idea would be highly appreciated.