HERE is how to make money consistently trading the open

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  1. No need for a method just a statistic to base a maximum of 3 daily trades on.
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  2. QuantTROLL
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    Just use a BB band, M1 BB 20sma 2.0Dev, trade the break out from sideways markets before news/open.

    hint, chop will kill you :(
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  4. Chop isn't even a consideration when you place your pre-open buy and sell stops at low-risk levels based on the very important statistic as mentioned.

    I am no troll. I'm one of the few, the proud, retail traders posting on this site.
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    Post a chart/s with your method.
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  6. Why would I post a chart of a single daily bar? At the opening bell, just add the put and call premiums for the nearest strike price to the open and you have the expected move. If it equals .70 that means they will close price very near either 70 cents above or below the open.
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  7. Intraday charts are not used as a basis for trades. They are simply derived from information that should already be sifted through prior to the opening bell.

    The open fade gives a trader the chance to get in at a better price while minimizing risk as mentioned. Apart from the first 30 minutes to do so, intraday charts are useless.
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  8. Actually there was already confirmation. Hence I was able to catch the lows and ride this nice rally. However it tends to hunt stops more so than normal part of session before taking off hence very tricky to do it on a consistent basis.
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    Did somebody here just fart?
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  10. The jig is up ye sir, mate, but you can fake talk shop all you want. I strongly encourage anyone looking for an edge to read my posts and ignore the rest. Feel free to PM or email me too.

    I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL. Just trying to save some aspiring traders time and a bit of mental capital.
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