HERE is how to make money consistently trading the open

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  1. One of the most overlooked methods to making money consistently is the opening trade. At the open:

    1. Volatility creates opportunity in the form of price movement
    2. A daily high or low is generally created within the first half hour near the open price

    So, all a trader has to do is catch 75% of the ADR. The most important part is where you place your stop loss. For the answer, simply look up the definition of low-risk. Statistically speaking, I guarantee you will make money.

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    Wow, a guarantee! Can't pass this up!
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    On ET new gurus are born on a daily basis. :D
    ET stands for elite you know.
  5. At the open place your stop loss where it is low-risk. I'll even provide the definition.

    low-risk: not likely to result in failure
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  7. Also, I should point out to the actual retail traders on this site, do not listen to the naysayers. They are here to keep you in a constant state of befuddlement. Large letters don't make their posts any more factual.
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  8. the opening range. This sounds like something new and never discussed...
  9. trading the open at least in my experience has been one of the harder things to do, especially consistently.

    Just yesterday I was bullish out of the gate, but if you look at the tape, it really came inches shy of making new lows before popping higher(albeit YM did make a new low)
  10. If your profit target is 75% of the ADR as I suggested, it would make sense to attempt a maximum of 3 trades per day based on the low-risk stop loss. Statistically speaking of course. Either long, short, long or short, long, short.

    For a $100,000 account, if you risked .5% per trade, your worse possible day would be -$1500 while netting anywhere from $500 to $1500 on an average day. Again, statistically speaking.
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