Here is 'free trade' with China as globalists see it

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. 1) Export 3.5 billion USD worth of raw materials per month from the port at Long Beach per month - everything from cotton, to rubber, to iron ore, to cold rolled steel - to Shanghai, China.

    2) Put these materials on rail, and ship them off to industrial centers, with factories on the railway, in newly built industrial centers, swimming in toxic sludge and swarmed by toxic air, as there are no environmental regulations (at least any that are enforced).

    3) Have a multi-national or Chinese company that owns these factories pay 15 cents per hour to some 12 year old or 19 year old on an 18 hour shift with no health insurance, pension, safety regulations, or any other benefits to make Nike shoes, HDTVs, garden hoses, dishwashers, hot water heater, auto parts, iPods, denim jeans, baby formula, dog treats or Christmas ornaments (containing lead paint) in a sweatshop.

    4) Rail the assembled goods back to the port.

    5) Ship 35 billion USD of finished goods per month back to the port in Long Beach where the 3.5 billion worth of raw goods came from.

    6) During this whole transfer of wealth, also transfer proprietary and high-value technological know how to the Chinese (e.g. Intel transferring highly sophisticated processor fabrication technology) in exchange for short term higher margins as a result of Chinese cheap labor.

    7) Go on national talk shows, CNBC, interview with Bryan Williams, go on Bloomberg, and tell Americans that we'll all be better off, with future higher standards of living, because we have great, high paying jobs at Lehman Brothers, AGI and Bear Stearns, and that we can still compete against Chinese labor in autos and durable goods for those that can't get jobs in the financial or investment sectors.