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  1. Many years ago I bought an audio tape from Robert Krausz about the psychology of trading.

    I didn't get much if anything out off the tape which I bought.

    However ............................, a free tape of a talk he gave before a large audience, accompanied the other tape and this free tape is what brought my whole trading around.

    It really answered my questions and in my opinion is one of the best trading aids to possess. (not kidding either - my name isn't Tampa).

    It is an absolute MUST have for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their trading.

    Mr Krausz actually did a Mr Toby Crabel act and pulled the tape off the market many many years ago. (I have owned this tape for at least ten years or so).

    Mr Krausz cannot even be persuaded to place this tape onto the market again as he recently passed away.

    I am not unwilling to trade this tape in exchange for the PTJ video. :D :D (please note this, TEA :) :) )

  2. I just got an email from Elite Trader management telling me that Phantom Trader has replied to my post.

    However I was unable to see the post by Phantom trader !!??
    So what happened ? Is there an anti Phantom force at work removing any trace of ghosts trying to manifest themselves ?

  3. I know you are not for real Phantom as the number of posts noted below your name remains at 1 !!??


  4. You certainly don't let any grass grow in between the time of my post and yours.

    Don't ghosts need to sleep or are you some automatic program from E.T.'s programmer's mind (in which case you indeed aren't a real person) ?

  5. Is this kind of like in Tron, where we are subject to the rule of the MCP?
  6. Are you asking me, or is this a rhetorical question?
  7. Maybe he deletes his own work, so he will only be remembered in the "quote" box of others' posts.
  8. I was referring to the Master Control Program (MCP), the antagonist in the movie Tron. But yeah, Merrill Lynch (MLCO) does have some new rules. I think the proper name is Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith.
  9. Seeing that Hardrock appears to be able to see the contents of the Phantom's posts before everyone else gets a chance to see them before they are removed is he perhaps the Phantom ?

    Anyway, (unless of course the moderator is the phantom) if the phantom has found a way into the website so that he can change info he must be doing O.K. in his trading life as well as, with his skills, no doubt he can place trading orders and if they don't work out he would be able to remove any reference to his orders. :D

    So where and how can we learn those skills Phantom ?

  10. Just received another email from the E.T. site telling me that Phantom Trader has just lodged another post.

    Again, the post isn't there !!??

    What is happening Phantom ? Do you have enemies or was your post perhaps so abusive or offensive that it left the Moderator with little or no choice other than to remove it ?

    Or was it perhaps written in invisible ink ?

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