Here is a way to save the economy

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  1. Move big business from major cities with high real estate prices to cities with cheap real estate prices.

    Look at his house for 899k

    Its a small home that was built for a working class family and they want 899K for it!!

    Then look at this house in TX for half the price

    Its basically a Mansion for 450k

    I dont know about you, but I would rather take a paycut and live in the 450k mansion in TX than make more money and live in a working class home in San Fran.

    If the big business moved to these cheaper cities, they would not have to pay their employees so much as the employees would be pretty happy to have a nice fancy home thats not too expensive, rather than scape by like a minimum wage worker in a city like San francisco.

    For instance. IBM. If they just packed up and moved to Houston, they could cut wages by an average of 1500 per month, employees lifestyles would go UP and IBM saves 200 million dollars per year, Just from moving from the bay area!. And that only represents less than 3% of their workforce. 200 million bucks a year to just move 3% of their workforce.

    But noooo they dont want to do that...They would rather offset paying the high wages in San fran by sending some other jobs to third world countries where if they just put their businesses in the cheap cities in the US, we would keep all the jobs and they would be paying the same out in wages.
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    Most areas of the country are actually quite affordable outside of the west coast, east coast, Florida, Chicago, etc.

    Most of the south and much of the midwest is very affordable.
  3. No offense to Texans, but I wouldn't live year-round anyplace in TX... or any of the Southern states, for that matter. One reason I paid a premium for my home location is the cool weather, lack of bugs and absence of storms. Boring? No, predictable. I get enough excitement with a full boat of ES under my fingers.
  4. San Francisco is like the cockroach capital of California. I lived there(downtown area) for 6 months and if I went 3 days without seeing a cockroach I was happy. (i'll give you that the bugs are alot bigger in TX though)