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  1. So, what if Black only bought from "Black" merchants? Bought Black produced things.

    What if Jews only shopped in Jewish Stores? Only purchased Jewish made things.

    What if Christians only bought christian goods?

    What if Hindi only bought from hindi....?

    What would become of this economy? Well, the Movement has begun, spawned by a Black Couple out of, you gues'd it...OBAMA's city of Chicago.

    This is one of the dumbest most devisive, and yes does not surprise me. The "JESUS" OBAMA has his first deciples.

    This shit makes me fucking sick and it makes me want to continue to mass so much wealth and tocontinue to live free from Idiots, like the clowns in the below article.

    Turn on the TV, grab you popcorn and soda America, is OBAMANATION TIME!
  2. Even though the shop owner I am purchasing my goods from is a drug pushing, kiddy porning, kitten eating human monster, it's kewl... he's purple. Purple power!!1
  3. This is a positive undertaking, I say go for it.

    The points you mentioned happen quite often in business anyways. Italians cater to Italians, Chinese purchase form Chinese and on and on.
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    I don't give a rat's ass who owns it.

    You can be a god damn midget for all I care...but if you know how to serve and can provide a quality service/product, I'm patronizing you.
  5. I love hatred, let hatred fill this world, not that it hasn't, we just want it to increase to newer levels.
  6. Geezus, you republican assholes really make me want to puke. If you don't like Obama, quit your bitching and just leave for the next 4 years.
  7. I forgot to say my prayers before going to bed; O lord, who art in heaven, fill this world with thy hatred, for thy hatred is strong and endless.

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    Also something I don't understand about the OP's rant, what does the couple have to do with Obama? It seems he is trying to say that just because Obama is from Chicago that means Obama somehow endorses this? The argument of the post makes no sense, except to accidentally, and probably unknowingly, spew his racism in public.
  9. no, these people who are already full of themselves, when they see obama as president, they think wow, this is the "black bubble", so they jump on the bandwagon with great enthusiasm, thinking we got the black leader in place, all we got to do now is simply take over, so now with obama they're even more full of themselves, their pride is blowing off the top of their empty heads

    I see obama as the sign that america is broke, not only because obama is a retard and does not know sh*t about economics, but mainly because if america wasn't broke, they'd never let obama become president, I think they have a wicked scheme, and obama is the right tool for their plans
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    I'm for any dysfunctional group adopting healthy, productive lifestyle changes - even if, its practiced only within their own racial demographic.

    If thats what blacks need to heal, so be it.
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