Here is a Freebee for anyone bullied by Landis82

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    Landis82 always claims that this site has no good content, and also claims he learned to trade from paul tudor jones, here is backup for anyone who he tries to intimidate read the entire thread, and post the link proving he is just another loser.

    Click the link if this piker tries to intimidate you.
  2. Landis82 is a miserable douchebag who cannot even make

    a cogent argument. He then proceeds to malign and distort.

    What is this bozos agenda? Landis, get some "professional"

  3. Hi Port1385,

    How many aliases do you really have on this website?

    Many of us found it awful funny that you wound-up talking to yourself on the very same thread with your other screen-names (PENS WIN and ERICMINDICH), and then you go on to PM me telling me that you had the thread "locked" because of not being civil, as if you are some sort of an ET moderator! :D


    You really need to be checked into Bellevue Hospital my friend. You are without a doubt, suffering from schizophrenia.
  4. fhl


  5. I don't see why. If I recall correctly, President Obama said his administration would not be investigating the Bush administration and its many and varied cronies for wrongdoing or misconduct. But, like you, I'll continue to hope that he changes his mind.
  6. ElCubano


    Why do you bully people landis? Why would anyone try to belittle others on a continous basis? I am not a phsychaitrist ( shit I cant even spell it right), but it has to do with issues from within. I guess it makes insecure/angry people feel better. Seriously, you are a smart mo-fo with great insight into the market and perhaps good people......
  7. I guess you have no problem with ET members having several screen-names and running around "talking to each other" on the same thread and ruining the quality of content on this site.

    The Mods here have a "thankless" job.

    In case you haven't noticed, they have their hands-full as it is trying to "monitor" all of the infantile BS that goes on here with the "Ports"
    of the world.

    If you have a problem with some members like myself "outing" some of these guys that run around with all of these aliases, then I can't help you.

    I'm sorry that you are not able to comprehend this. Perhaps an ET mod can spell it out for you: