Here comes the turnaround

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  1. The only thing we need now is Bernanke or Obama to come out with some bogus news about things improving to finish green. Does today really matter? The market will probably gain back everything it loses today after the unemployment numbers come in better than expected and show an increase in jobs tomorrow.
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    I don't think bubble ben bernanke and friends have much to do at the moment, they have used almost everything they could to fight off the crisis so far, its not working. It wont work because fighting a crisis with trillions of dollars and 0% interest rates is not the answer. Of course years from now bubble ben bernanke will be on capitol hill explaining why his policies didn't work to prevent the biggest economic system in the world from collapsing.

    Tomorrow is the big day, if there is just a hint of job creation the market will erase all losses from today and most likely finish up 1-2% however job losses of 50k+ would push the markets lower across the board once again. Hey maybe someone got the chance to take a look at them before the release tomorrow.
  4. A "MrDodge" thread ending up in chit chat....I'm shocked :D