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    I've not read it, but I'll assume that it's implicitly directed at capital markets success. Facebook is a prime example. Zuck admits that they would have made 100s of millions in year two from adverts alone, but they went for the vcap rounds in lieu of selling ad-space.
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    Henry Ford quote, "if I'd ask people what they wanted they would have said a faster horse"
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    It boils down to good customer service for Amazon. Compare that to Sears Roebuck where you have bad customer service. I was at Sears a couple of years back to buy a refrigerator. I see 3 customer service reps who just ignored me despite, me looking in their direction, more than one time and raising my hand. No one came over. Customers did not matter is the message those employees sent me. Guess what? Those guys are probably, out of a job and deservedly so! Your business is struggling and you treat customers like dirt? In contrast, when you have a problem with Amazon including, non-delivery of items and they will handle it promptly with an apology to boot! A lot of times, Amazon will give you say a $5 credit for your troubles and fix the problem. Their employees, you can sense actually want to serve you and keep you happy! Amazon continues to be dominant in its retail field!
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  5. the key to any business is understanding the market it operates in.

    This is critical to trading in any field but especially so in leveraged trading, where the room for error is close to zero.
    if you do not understand the market PERFECTLY then you need a good system in place, to manage the mistakes, you will invariably make, because of this short coming.

    If a trader says that 'risk management' is important, it is probably likely that this trader does not perfectly understand the market.

    however, perfect understanding of market is not really critical to making money but it does reduce the amount of money that trader makes
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    Here is what I learn from Bezos through a trader's lens:

    Place multiple bets despite uncertainty and imperfect setup; take the bet off quickly and accept defeat when proven wrong (e.g. fire phone and 2nd headquarter); make the adjustment quickly when warranted (e.g. reducing wholefood price); most importantly, be relentless because one of the bets may turn out to be a big winner like Echo. Type in your browser and see what happen. You will be surprised.
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  8. if you think my post is funny,then you do not understand that markets do not play with dice.....they are taken down to be accumulated and taken up to be distributed..

    this happens on all time frames

    there is nothing random or haphazard about this is done with great skill

    this is well known to all experienced traders.....but the exact way it is done and how this operation can be traded, by us traders without losing our shirts so that some profit...can be weaned out is known only to a few.

    and of course to those who do not know this, markets will always be risky....
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  10. i repeat markets are taken down to be taken up

    are you happy now?
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