Here comes the recovery

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Kevmeister, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. F**k!!

    How hard is it to see that no recovery is possible when there are legitimate forecasts of OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED unemployment rates as high as 16%, never mind the real rate.

    Anyone buying this recovery bullshit and investing accordingly, with a few, repression beating exceptions, is farked.

    How complicated is it to realize it's ALL about jobs?

    We had 12% mortgage rates when Reagan came into office and people began buying homes and cars again because the job market improved.

    Conversely, as we've seen, you can have interest rates at 0% or near there, and people who don't have jobs as well as those afraid of losing their jobs won't spend shit.

  2. You really think we would be better off if our top people told everyone that we are fucked? You honestly think mass panicking, a complete meltdown of civilization overnight, is actually better??

  3. pspr


    The problem is that all the spend and tax plans are flying around Congress like we just inherited $100 Trillion from Uncle Buck.

    Business is delaying any expansion ideas until they know what new taxes they may have to pay. A new 5.4% healthcare tax on small business is huge! A Cap & Tax bill will make another huge negative impact on business.

    All the uncertainty and anti-business plans are going to wreck havoc on any potential recovery. Obama is right about one thing. Any substantial recovery is years away. The Democrats are making sure of that.