Here comes the 12 monitor video card

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DarthSidious, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Those 2 cards look bigger than your desktop chassis. Are they in production now? What kind of bus type connection?
  2. That is awesome. Good luck sliding that into the back of your super computer.
  3. PCIEx16, I believe. The 6-monitor version sells for $1,999..
  4. TGregg


    JFC, do you need a 1.5KW PS for that thing?
  5. Prolly have to rewire your house for 240V. :D
  6. That is the 6 port (DisplayPort) version. So, 4 of those will get you 24, DP monitors, yes. Good luck for 4 of those :D
  7. Any eyefinity card has 3 outputs. So if you use 4 cheap passively cooled <50USD ones, you also get 12 outputs. You'll save 1799USD and about 50 decibels of noise...
  8. Assuming your box has 4 compatible slots.

    How about 4x12? :)

    I heard a rumor there is a limit on quantity of screens in a Windows box. Can anyone confirm or deny that?
  9. Do you really want to drive that many monitors from the same CPU?
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