Here comes Charlie Gasparino!...

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  1. We're up a couple percent...Charlie must be getting orders from Ackman as we speak..."Charlie, you've got go on the air and talk about how you've got bad gas and that means Citigroup will declare bankruptcy." :D
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    Charlie reminds me of the that character in autobiography of Buzzy Schwart, titled "Pit Bull".

    I think his name was "inside skinny"
  3. He is such a good front for the beards.
  4. On the money! :eek:
  5. LOL, yep. I'm not a conspiracy freak but, c'mon, there are some powerful shorts using the media and the monoline insurers story to work the market like a $10 whore. This is ridiculous.
  6. Timestamped 4:07pm but it hit the wire at 3:50pm.
    LOL, too funny.

    FGIC loses "AAA" rating from S&P, MBIA may be cut
    Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:07pm

    NEW YORK, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Standard & Poor's on Thursday cut its "AAA" ratings on FGIC Corp's bond insurance arm, and placed its top ratings on the bond insurance arm of MBIA Inc (MBI.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on review for downgrade.

    The rating agency also said it may cut the "AAA" rating of XL Capital Assurance Inc, the bond insurance arm of Security Capital Assurance (SCA.N: Quote, Profile, Research).

    S&P cut Financial Guaranty Insurance Co's "AAA" insurer financial strength rating by two notches to "AA." It also cut parent company FGIC Corp's long-term rating by three notches to "A," the sixth-highest investment grade, from "AA."

    FGIC is owned by a group that included mortgage insurer PMI Group Inc (PMI.N: Quote, Profile, Research) and private equity firms Blackstone Group (BX.N: Quote, Profile, Research), Cypress Group, and CIVC Partners LP. (Reporting by Karen Brettell; Editing by Dan Grebler)
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    About time they get their due. Cnbc pimps bullish fund managers 24/7.
  8. What sort of kickback do reporters that shill for the shorts get?

    BTW don't forget Herbie Greenberg.
    Who just watched Gasparino duke it out with the former SEC guy David something. The Sec guy looked like he wanted to reach over and choke Gasparino. The SEC stooge basically said it's not our problem and pointed the finger at anyone but themselves for not regulating the rating agencies. You could see Gasparino glowing everytime the SEC stooge looked like he was gonna crap himself. :D
  10. SEC stooge was probably right.

    That's the funny part.

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