Here come the lawyers: Chevy Chase Bank sued on mortgage

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  1. Buy law firm stocks! The new growth industry!
  2. Why not some pair trading?

    Short housing stocks, short mortgage stocks, long law firm stocks.

    If the lawyers get too much of the housing slump cake, then we can only pray for America.
  3. There are no such thing as Law Firm stocks. The reason is that nonlawyers cannot own a law practice, thus, no publicly traded law firms.

  4. hmmm, is that true in every state??

  5. I believe so - states all generally adopt the same model rules to follow.

    This could change in the future, but for right now, no public American law firms. Overseas, however, is a different story.
  6. jem


    there was an article about the first law firm going public in Aus or England recently.

    No firm in the us are are publically traded for the reason stated above.

    I really do not think it would be health to allow S&P companies to control lawyers.

    We have seen how insurance companies compromise doctors. Lawyers are our last hope of maintaining our freedom.
  7. Straight out of the Trial Lawyers Association playbook. LOL.

  8. Neodude


    I don't know if I should laugh uncontrollably or roll up into a fetal position and tremble under my desk...


  9. 100% correct. the public has no chance against corp. / government abuses(among others) without lawyers.


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