Here Come Refiners!

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  1. Stock charts starting to finally shape up with the drop in crude oil . . . VLO, FTO, HOC, SU, TSO . . . the group is on FIRE today!
  2. It was only a matter of time.....they were all way oversold imo and looked ripe for the pickin!

    Some of these stocks were great very defensive longer term money plays imo....great place to park a portion of longer term funds for any continued economic slowdown that would cause additional drop in crude pricing.
  3. You can't be serious???

    That is an OLD article and all of the "players" that you highlighted got absolutely KILLED by getting LONG the refiners back in June.

    Try putting a date on your article next time.
  4. Yeah . . . Engelhardt bought 10,300 shares of VLO on May 2nd at $49.07

    How does that investment look now?
  5. Anyone have a complete list of refiners?
  6. Let me make this perfectly clear . . .
    You are a MORON.

    You have added nothing but MISINFORMATION, which is of no value to any attempt in creating a constructive discussion.

    The heavy spec and insider buying that you have highlighted belongs to a very old article from Bloomberg that Seeking Alpha simply dug up and copied verbatim.

    The article highlights the hedge funds that you speak of, from Bruce Kovner's "Caxton Partners" to James Simons's "Renaissance" to Irl Engelhard, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to William Grube of Calumet Products Partners, and came from an earlier Bloomberg article written by Michael Tsang and Eric Martin dated June 23rd, 2008.

    In fact, the above text and article was already posted by yet another resident ET "cut and paste" artist that sorely lacks reading comprehension abilities, by the name of "S2007S" back on June 23rd.

    Moreover, if you actually took a few minutes to READ the article, you would have read the following paragraph:

    "Suddenly, things have changed: Executives at 10 refiners gobbled up $2 million of their own companies’ shares in May… that’s twice the amount they had sold!

    Wow, those must have been GREAT buys back in May, eh?

    When VLO was at $48, FTO at $28, TSO at $25, SUN at $45, and HOC at $42.

    Time to brush up on your READING COMPREHENSION, eh dude? :D

    Next time, try turning on your brain first before pasting text of an article that is 7 weeks old and refers to purchases of stock made almost 10 weeks ago . . . that is unless you continue to want to be perceived as the complete idiot that you have currently shown yourself to be.
  7. Non-integrated?


    I know I missed one or two.
  8. Daal


    VLO is at 4 times the average earnings per share over the past three years, and 4 times trailing earnings, and everytime margins got destroyed they snaped back. also less than book value(and its gaap, which is less than reality). maybe this is the end of US transportation as we know it and everybody will be back at caves riding mules and planting rice on their backyards but I'm betting on the rebound

  9. I don't think that anyone is saying that the public will stop driving cars or have a need for gasoline, anytime soon.

    That having been said, it's ALL about operating margins and right now with a slower economy VLO doesn't have much pricing power.

    In the meantime, VLO should be in a better position to profit on any rebound in the crack-spread given that much of the crude that they process is the heavily discounted sour crude called Mayan.
  10. So far, for refiners, we have...


    Thanks guys!

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