Here bulls, some positive news from extremely bullish analyst.

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    Very short and to the point, guess there is another bear market rally in the making after this last one that lasted 5 straight days. BUY BUY BUY.

    Charts Predict: Dow 40% Rally to Start on Dec. 15 | 02 Dec 2008 | 05:26 AM ET
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    The Dow Industrial Average is poised for an extended bear-market rally that could see the index gain as much as 40 percent, Sandy Jadeja, chief market strategist at ODL Securities, told CNBC. But don't buy until December 15, Jadeja warned.

    "There's a very very very strong rally in the making and it's going to last all the way up into next year into the July period," Jadeja said.

    "We can see almost a 25 to 40 percent corrective rally coming up," he said.

    The rally will start in or around the week of December 15, but there could be further weakness before then, Jadeja said.

    The Dow [.DJIA 8236.54 87.45 (+1.07%) ] could slump to 6,800 or 6,400 in the next two weeks as the index forms a bottom before its half-year upswing, he said.
  2. Interesting. He must be looking at the Bradley turn date. Wait to buy. If we get to S&P 600, the rally might only go up to about where we are now.
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    Many calling for 600 on the s&p, that could be a turning point if we ever did drop to that level, I think many bears would actually throw in the towel at that point and go all out bullish on the market. But as you said a drop to 600 and a rally to 800+ would be the ultimate rally of 35-40%.
  4. I agree, but the rally will last much longer and be 120% instead of 40%
  5. Everybody and their brother is short-term "uncertain" and long-term wildly bullish. :cool:

  6. What is the biggest annual gain in the SPX? I say this as we are close to Jan 2009.
  7. I see 90% gains per day come Dec 15th.
  8. Yep.
  9. around 40%, the recovery in 1975 was v shapped

  10. I am VERY doubtful. We'll see. :cool:
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