Here are four stocks that are ready to break down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gary_McLaughlin, Jul 3, 2003.

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    You can go to my profile to get a link to the charts.
  2. It is not my intention to clutter this board with spam. I am simply providing some great setups that are absolultely free. I also have some articles that... again, are free. This material is equivalent to what you would find in a book. Again, it's all free.
  3. Gary - do you have a minimum volume consideration on stocks you trade? A few of those on your site are thinner than I like to take...

    Just curious.
  4. I prefer to trade stocks that have at least 500K adv. I agree, anything less can make it a challenge to get in and out of. I still trade them but I'm very specific about my entry points.
  5. Gary, how do you find your stock plays?

  6. GreenLeaf,

    I use's scans. Also, TC2000, Ameritrade Analyzer. And I do it the hard way... I have a database loaded into that contains the entire tradable market. I scan the entire market every other day by eye. They are grouped into sectors so I can see stocks that "move together." ABC breaks out today, I'm watching XYZ - from the same sector - for tommorrow
  7. Thanks... Are you still bearish on ALKS? I'm considering closing this position and getting into something else. It's not moving the way I would like. I'm only down $55, but why wait until it's down $255.
  8. Nice.
  9. Gary - can you comment on It seems you do a lot based on it, as well as create and house your charts there. What features is it missing that you have to use TC2000? Is it customized scans you write yourself?

    I was looking at subscribing to, but would like to get a feel for the technical indicators and charting capabilities. Any feedback from you (or any other users) is appreciated.
  10. I'd go with AIV and AVY if I were looking for shorts in the next week or so.
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