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  1. this sob lost to fdr; now his granddaughter support rudy.
  2. "We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of any land." -- Herbert Hoover 1929 right before the crash.

    Another train wreck of a republican president.

    And the candidates running for that party are wrecks of different magnitudes. Double Gitmo, they attacked america because they hate our freedom, Baghdad is safe to walk down if you wearing armor and have a small army with ya, etc.....
  3. The economy didn't improve an iota under FDR.

    In 1941, NINE YEARS after FDR became President, unemployment was still over 14%.

    He concocted a war that cost 500,000 American men their lives in order to "stimulate" growth.

    American's today suffer from FDR. He invented the whole notion of runaway spending and high taxes.

    Funny but I see no mention of his plans to "pack the court."

    For you younger readers FDR was pissed at losing some Supreme Court cases so he threatened to have additional Justice's appointed so he could complete his Socialist mission.


  4. Couple of anecdotes from the times that will tell you how their peers felt.......

    Dorothy Parker and the crew were at the Algonquin, the Plaza Bar in NYC, when someone came in and said "Hoover's dead". Parker quipped, "how can they tell.??""

    BC Forbes, father of Malcom, GF of Steve editorialized in April, 1945, "God, in his infinite wisdom having ended the reign for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.................."
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    Waaaaaaay past his prime is just pissed that FDR didn't have a SAG card...he seems to be drawn to the overly dramatic B-movie actor personalities.

    Seriously, I rarely see someone as phobic as Waaaaaaay past his prime...FDRphobic, communistphobic, socialistphobic, homophobic, blackmanphobic, Latinphobic, Muslimphobic...

    Apparently years of pass out drinking and doing lots of blow didn't numb out those irrational fear centers of his brain...
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  9. The greatest president that guided Americans through its darkest times is always a real pain to the train wreck republican supporters. See children, republicans are only there to represent the rich at the expense of the poor.

    Now lets get back to that darn FDR:

    1933 he comes into office and whammy-o, he's stuck with 24.9% unemployment rate. In 1940 right before the war starts ramping up employment, which is such a horrific thing to republican ears, it drops to 14.6%. Job creation ran at a 5% clip over those horrid years which is quite modest for a time when the world went to shit. Of course the war in which civilization was on the verge of falling into the hands of the neocon prototype, the Nazi's, Democrats took us into the war and won the damn thing, and what ensued was prosperous bliss.

    And a neat little site, Economic History Services, one can type in the same time period to find out nominal GDP, real GDP, nominal GDP per capita and real GDP per capita to see how things improved during the FDR years. Of course he had nothing to do with it. Deficit spending and creating regulatory agencies (ie SEC) to install faith in the system to root out fraud and the like had nothing to do with it. Job creation was a really delayed result of Hoover policies. Right!

    For the visually impaired:


    I guess some people don't like FDR because he created the SEC to go after evildoers. Afterall, Ken Lay in the eyes of the SEC was a crook yet his supporters compared him to Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr. Kool Aid is such a dangerous thing.
  10. In 1934 21.7% of American's were unemployed. In 1938 the figure still stood at 19%. If that's a gigantic improvement then you're delusional.

    GDP didn't eclipse 1929's levels until 1937. (the adjusted data you posted is messed up in the 1930's because it assumes deflation during that period). The REAL data is what it is.


    Stocks improved under FDR in 33-37 about the same as the NAZ has bounced under Bush. In fact a Dow 1923-1937 chart has close serial correlation to Nasdaq 1994-2007. Do you give Bush props for the post 9/11, post Clinton tech bubble?

    I'm sure you don't.

    Naturally in your view deficit spending under FDR equaled good (7% of GDP vs. Bush's 3.5%) while Bush deficits are bad.
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