Her IQ is 156, no kidding!!

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    Let's make it a battle of the geniuses, Asia Carrera is also a Mensa member, here are a few deep thougths from her:

    "I've always been an atheist. Science explains everything. There is no meaning in life except to be the best at something. If only I could be the best at something, perhaps my parents would love me."

  3. Let's get real

    Her IQ is 156

    Do you really care?

    I don't

    Do you care if a girl graduated from Harvard, or has an MBA, or PhD? I could care less

    I only care about looks & personality (not intelligence)

    I would go so far as to say a girl who is 'too smart' or 'too book smart' is a turn-off - they get really theoretical and abstract, way unfeminine

    I don't want to talk to her about politics, or econometrics (I have my guy friends for that)
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    can she cook and balance the checkbook?? :p
  5. i can see where she keeps her brains
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    This reminds me of a movie scene I saw years ago. A cowboy and a lady of the evening go upstairs in the saloon sit on a bed facing away from each other and start undressing. As their undressing the lady begins rambling on as women sometimes do. The cowboy says pretty much nothing until, as their almost undressed, the lady asks him " so...how do you like it cowboy".
    Without giving it a second thought he says "without conversation".
  7. Most women think they are way smarter than their husbands anyway. Ideally, a woman should be smart enough to understand football and NASCAR. She should find politics boring and take her cue from her husband. Nothing wrong with her being smart enough to earn a good living though.
  8. being too smart is a curse

    being average is the best, you don't get too many insane excessive thoughts.
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    Doda has some pretty nice brains on her :D
  10. Yes and Jessica Simpson is also a Mensa member. Go figure.
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