Hendry Says Avoid U.S. Stocks During "Depression;" Banks Won't Return for "25 Years&q

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  1. a very humble man
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  3. interesting stuff
  4. I vote for this guy's nomination to replace Hank.
  5. I thought you meant Phil Hendrie
  6. For the record, from previous interviews I seem to remember Hendry means you have to wait for 25 years to regain new highs in banks on an inflation adjusted basis, e.g. in 2000 US Dollars.
  7. ....and this was done back in August 2008.

    I would like to see Hendry ask the CNBC talking heads here...." Do you understand the question you are asking?"

    He is right ....Wall Street are a bunch of crooks and the game is up......hence a constricted market for a very long time.
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