Hemp futures Buy em!

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by jim c, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. jim c

    jim c

    As marijuana moves slowly towards being legalized, would there be a need for hemp futures? Is a crop of pot hard to maintain? Or would most of it be grown in a controlled environment where there would be no real need to hedge. I mean there are no tobacco futures. (at least that im aware of) Would some you just keep "taking delivery". Get long and stay long? It just might be a great little pit to trade in. Just bored and thought I would see what your take is. Jim :)
  2. I think you're right - no one would ever sell - everyone would just want things to go higher and higher...
  3. I've found the best hedge is to grow your own......
  4. so now the ET brainchilds will buy stock in hydroponics? did I spell that right? (my brain is too destroyed and I am now lazy from my excessive marijuana use....)
  5. All jokes aside Hemp is a fantastic plant and although it is a type of Cannabis you would have to smoke a bale of it to get a buzz. It grows like wild in the worst soil conditions. It can be processed into bio fuel. You can make clothes from the fiber..etc..etc


    Hey, ES. The stereotype of Cannabis users being lazy and dumb is soooo 70`s. :)

    Personally I puff every day after work and have made more money year after year since...well I forget since when but I do ok! :D
  6. jim c

    jim c

    What about contract specs? Would it be 100 ounces per contract? Trading would start @ 4:20? What would the price be? Would this be for grade "A"?