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    hello everybody,
    first of all excuse my english. it's not my native language. i'm just in stage of choosing broker and software. i want to trade e-mini

    but after reading hundreds of post here I have some doubts.
    I wanted to open acc. with Global Futures (lots of recommendations) and RCG as a clearing house. I've been offered GSTrainer for 50$/month. originally I wanted J-Trader (hope it is for free) and pay for charting Sierra. But than I have found here that RCG do not allow to 3rd parties to access to their PATS so Sierra is out. How about GHCO? Do the same?
    Other thing is that J-Trader is considered here as a crap and PATS as a dinosaurs. As a novice trader I'm little bit confused.
    There is another broker - TransAct- providing quick,reliably data, I can use Sierra for charting.
    I know this post is a bit disorganized but could anyone help what to choose or advise something.

    Thank you very much in advance
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    look like you do thoroughly research on platform software and here is what sierrachart said on data feed "If your brokerage or clearing company supports PAT Systems, then you should be able to use Sierra Chart with their system to do charting and trading. Clearing companies such as GHCO and Man Financial support Sierra Chart on their system. ..."
  3. dan05


    Ive seen strange things happen with PAT Systems interface, when maket rush. (FONC announcements, OIL, etc).

    I would try to look for native connections between your trading platform and your broker.

    IB, MAN, PFG all are really good, but be sure to choose the most native (the less interfaces to the market, the better).

  4. Would agree with Dan. My suggestion is IB as you will get free real time data and low trading costs. Try Ensign software as you will get lots of free templates from other full time daytraders - this can save you a lot of time and be a good source of ideas. I use Zeroline Trader as an interface with IB's TWS as I don't like TWS. Zeroline is cheap and superb. I have it set up as a tiny Buy Sell Reverse box. I also prefer to see my execution in Zeroline than TWS. Good luck.