HELPFIND: 1 min. Chart desperately WANTED

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Charly, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Charly


    The little story behind it:

    On my first visit to ET (about 3 weeks ago)
    I did not know what to read and to view first.
    "High volume but high quality", too!

    Amongst other very interesting posts I discovered a

    1 min. chart (E-mini I suppose - on a white background) with an EMA 40 on it plus 1/2 indicators as subcharts.

    I thought it's unforgettable - since I went on vacation the next day.

    However, it was not.


    Even worse I do not even recall when that chart was posted.

    That's the point where I ask for your help.
    There should be means and ways to find it, since there should not be too many 1 min. charts, the question is -
    how to do it???
    The search routine appears to be a bit tricky in this respect.- at least to a newbie like me.

    Anyway, help would be highly appreciated and I'll do my best to give something back to the finder(s) if he/she is interested in intraday trading.

    Thank you !!!

  2. Charly


    Thanks ot those who cared to have a look + presumably intended to help.

    I know it may take weeks until this 1 min chart will be found.
    Unfortunately I don't know how to
    filter the attachments via the search engine.

    (1 user cared to send me a PM with some hints - I won't forget that though it did not show the expected results)

    If someone knows more........

  3. RedDuke


    Your best bet to find it is to try searching for the thread based on some key word from discussion if you remember it .
  4. jho


    Charly - Try searching for "*.jpg" (Without quotes) Replace "jpg" with the known extension.
  5. cvds16


    look into history of your webbrowser ...
  6. Charly


    Thanks to all of you -

    I'll do my best :D

  7. Charly


    Good idea - but look what happened:

    src="" border="0" alt="">

    Impossible to open.
    What now?? :)

    Will look at the browser later. It's down
    at the moment. Coincidence grrrrr

  8. Dude. The URL is in there. Just paste it.
  9. BCE


    If you remember posting to the thread where you saw the chart you can look through your own posts by clicking on the number below your name. This shows you a list of all your posts starting with the most recent. Also you can go to the forums page, click on the link above, and look through the threads to see if you remember anything. Good luck. :)
  10. nkhoi


    see what vacation did to your brain,lol but here is another way, google this statement

    attachment gif jpg

    it will bring up all threads that have gif or jpg attachment, now scan thru the list, see if the thread title jog your memory, as far as click on each attachment!...good luck.
    #10     Sep 13, 2006