helped or hurt my future career?

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  1. I finish my undergraduate degree soon and am looking at either pursuing a job in finance or potentially law school. My life was a little different then others though and currently causes a debate whether or not my decisions helped or hurt my ability to either get a job in finance or get a job with a law firm after or during law school.

    When I was finishing high school I realized my parents were beginning to have financial problems and would not be able to pay for my education. I had developed a interest in online poker so I did some math and realized my hourly rate would be higher playing then getting a random job at like starbucks. Through the end of high school and first and second year university I studied poker and the math behind it and made good money (around 60,000-70,000 in just over a year after tax) and by investing it I have been able to travel pay my bills, all school, car etc and have about 30,000 left that might go towards law school if i choose to attend.

    Since I was playing poker I have not had a "real job" for 6 years aside from volunteering a few times a month when they needed help. The flexibility however allowed me to study finance and stay current on news etc and i thought all this would be beneficial to my future. Now the debate that starts is whether my decision to play poker/invest instead of a real job has hurt me since i do not have work experience. Some even say i would be better if i had student loans but at least work experience. By work experience i mean just menial type jobs nothing relevant to a career.

    My question for the forum is what people here think. Is random work experience that important? have i hurt my hire-ability? I always thought the fact I studied on my own and was safe with my money to get where i am would look good but want to hear what people who have actually hired someone thinks. Thanks and forgive the grammar since it is late and i do not want to proof read.
  2. Elite Trader...........why dont you keep playing poker or look into trading?
  3. It depends where you apply to and what kind of job you are looking for. In finance, this type of background should not hold you back. Duke was a hotspot for poker players and a lot of my classmates embraced their poker experience during job interviews. They leveraged their ability to make quick mental calculations, make decisions under pressure, and assess risk/reward to land them jobs at Chicago prop shops, consulting firms, and investment banks (GS/JPM). How you want to play off your background is entirely up to you. Good luck!
  4. 1) The profitable poker playing is good as long as you emphasize the business aspects of it and not the "excitement" of the game.
    2) Companies that want "compliant" employees would tend to reject you.
    3) Based on your username, it's important not to use the voices of any of the characters from the Family Guy TV show during any interviews. :cool:
  5. Just keep playing poker! Esp if you enjoy it.
  6. many are likely to do an online search on you on the internet if a perm position as well as criminal/credit checks. Make sure that EVERYTHING they could find appears professional and normal.