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    Alright new family, I need your help. I'm new to this trading stuff and thought you might be willing to give me some advice. Is there anybody out there that knows any information on a company called Rock Well trading and it's founder Markus Heitkoetter?

    Has anyone of you guys used his course? They are supposed to be one of the only companies that give a full money back's the best part. If after you talk the course and are not happy you get not only your money back but, 1001$ in addition.
  2. PM me and I'll tell you my experience with Rockwell and Markus
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    Any company, training course, or product proves its worth by the guarantee behind the product.

    If the training is good, you will know it by some "money-back" policy. Otherwise, you must wonder why they want your money and don't offer any assurances.

    If a company is good, the stock will show (over time) that the price moves in a steady (and increasing) pattern that performs with the market or outperforms.

    If a product is good, the guarantee and assistance will be proven beforehand as well.

    On the downside, PT Barnum never ran out of customers. (Look up his famous quote if you don't understand this.)
  4. You have my PM. Good luck!
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    Rockwell Trading


    I first dealt with Rockwell Trading and Markus Heitkoetter a couple of years ago when I bought and traded (automatically, via Strategy Runner) one of their old systems, Coin Collector. That was a good venture that left me with some decent profit, no complaints at all. So, when I heard of their new business focus, teaching traders a new methodology, I was intrigued, despite the fact that I had been trading on my own for several years. I took the training last September from Markus and liked it very much. Since then I have been using what I learned to daytrade both stocks and the eminis with very good results. Here are some of my observations:

    1. This is a relatively easy to use, follow-the-trend, system that delivers good profit: my results have averaged a little less than $50/day per ES emini contract and the equivalent amount when I daytrade the Russell emini or some of my specially hand-picked stocks. This amount is less than what Markus thinks is the real potential of the methodology, but it accounts for the occasional mistake, hot coffee accidentally spilled on my lap, badly timed nature breaks, etc. As you know, in real life daytrading, "stuff" happens all the time and causes one's bottom line to suffer.
    2. A key aspect of the system is that it uses a good software template that helps you see simple, unoptimized trading signals, and take relatively clear/comfortable trades. This obviously helps your daily results and also allows you to eyeball the system's success in the past for the particular security you may want to trade (eg, futures, stocks, forex, etc) and thereby boost your confidence. The simplicity of this template (reflecting the simplicity of the treading philosophy here) also allows an experienced trader to trade several (hopefully non-heavily-correlated) markets at the same time: Markus suggests a maximum of four (eg, S&P, Corn, Dax and Euro futures) but I seem to have reached my ceiling with three (S&P, Russell, and IBM or GD or SLB etc).
    3. Not only has Markus been an exceptional instructor, but his team has also given me excellent support in whatever I needed, either directly, on the phone, or through their (still young but growing) forum that is very useful in that it allows the sharing of experiences between various users, technical and trading Q&A, etc.
    4. They have adopted a very liberal refund policy in case this system is not for you - one of the best in this industry that is so risky for the buyer of both trading tools and services.
    5. Their data vendor, Genesis, has also proven to be very good in terms of platform/data quality, cost, and support.

    Is this the perfect trading approach for everyone? I doubt it. What I am saying is that for me, and a few other people I know, it works fine. In addition, the Rockwell folks are working to develop new systems all the time, so stay tuned. Best of luck! :)