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  1. I am frustrated with my current stock software it does not let me do whats described below. It's very basic, and I am looking for something that is easy and affordable.

    I simply want to rank industry groups based on their price change over periods of 1 mos., 3 mos., and 6 mos. period and also show their performance + or - all on one screen. Meaning a group may show for the 1 mos. a +10% return and is ranked as a 2 compared to the other groups, then for 3 mos. shows a 15% return and is ranked a 5, and then for 6 mos. has a 22% return and is ranked a 29. This would demonstrate a gradual increase in price momentum and shows all positive returns all on one screen. Then everyday when I open the program I can update the system and without retyping or clicking on anything see the new leaders. Oh and maybe also add a one week and a one day columns using the same criteria as above. Thanks!!
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    TC2007 will let you rank sectors by different periods of time, one day, five days, month, three months, year. You can check it out at