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  1. Just a quick question which options are traded off of the DIA? What's the symbol?
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  3. You're right I dropped his service last week. It seems I would probably trade better just by guessing. He also introduce what he called his winner trade "secret" the trail blazer. I don't know how much of a secret it is I see the 9 and 18 simple moving average everwhere. He tells us just to buy when it crosses up and sell when it crosses down. What do you think is that a feesible system?
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    DO NOT listen to any of his garbage.
    You are better off with a dartboard.
    His headline calls are correct about 5/20 sessions a month.
    His HIGH five garbage is not even his.
    Trailblazer is also a version of someone elses system.
    This guy is the BIGGEST shill.
    If his trading was any good, would he be giving his newletter away for FREE...or trying to sell it for $79/month.
    WAKE up!
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    trade DJX options instead, much more liquid
  6. What is the underlying for DJX? I mean what is the ETF symbol for it?
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    Like to study, research & occasional trade/invest in the money;
    I type in for example QQQ ,DIA. has orderly info ;
    near the money names also includes in the money names
    & at the end of the day quotes .:cool:

    I am glad i learned to trade/invest stocks first before options ;
    options dont pay dividends like stocks do.



    Divide your merchandise amoung 7 ventures;
    8 maybe.
    -Solomon,trader king