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  1. Please tell me how I can invest in IB? I want a piece of action in this successful company . But IB hasn't gone public, has it? Is there any chance that I can do direct investment to own some preferred shares? Thank you.

  2. ask def.
  3. Def is def. Is def listening?

  4. You know what, this is what it is blamed mostly for. Support and care. Still no answer?

    Help! I want a piece of the action. I want a piece of every success. All slogans said, I want to invest the profits made in this one of the most outstanding bull market and earn more profits in the future. Do you?

  5. Def is very far living in Hongkong, that's why he can't
    hear you. Why don't you PM Him.
  6. But his is why it's so cheap to execute your trades. I think it's worth it.
  7. I hate when you say "SO CHEAP". I will bet within monthes
    you will say " NOT SO CHEAP".
  8. Yeah boy, just wait till the first time your internet connection is cut off and you don't know which way your position is moving. It won't be "so cheap" then. Oh and by the way, when dial the phone number to close your trade with their trade desk, you will be "automatically" charged $30 bucks. Yep, I agree, this is the business to invest in. Hurry, get out your checkbook.
  9. Cheap or not is subjective. But no answer no nothing is iron fact. I am starting to lose my patience on this, if you ask me.

    I want my piece of action.

  10. def

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    as i'm sure your question is sincere, here's your answer....
    you can't we're a private company and only after years of hard work and dedication certain employees are offered a piece of the company.

    employees who are not members also get a chance to participate in the growth of the Group via a pseudo option plan.

    thus in short, if interested, you'll have to apply for a job and over time earn it.
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