Discussion in 'Programming' started by terminator, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. hey I've got a computer with TS2000i and i want to run some code on easylanguage. Problem is that i have barely any idea and can't seem to find a good internet site with step by step easylanguage tutorials.

    i want to code 2 things.

    1) Since i have daily price bars, i want to put a stop at the low of the bar before the entry bar.

    2) i want an indicator to highlight a day which has a high that is higher than the 5 preceding days and also higher than the 5 succeeding days. Vice versa for a day whose low is lower than the preceeding 5 days whose low is also lower than the succeeding 5 days

    finally is there any cool free websites that offer tradestation manuals? i mean i trade a tiny well capitalised account, and wanna test my theories before putting a bit account on the line.

    Thanks Guys!!! :D