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  1. LJT


    Ah, i was reinstalling tradestation and forgot to save my workspaces...i have tried the windows restore option but it does not restore my workspaces. Does anyone know how i can get these workspaces back??
  2. Just copy them over from your backup drive. :p
  3. paulxx


    In the unlikely event...... that you haven't backed up, you will need to run data recovery software to undelete the files.

    You will need to know the file suffix/extension of workspaces ( '.xxx') You can then search for the suffix and recover and undelete them.

    Go to or google for any or all of these (free):
    Restoration, PCI file recovery, Photorec. Photorec will even get files when the file system is destroyed.

    There are myriads of pay for ones that promise the earth but are not much better. If the sky is the limit or you can find a copy, then Final Data, GetBackData, and Active File Recovery (may have useable trial) have been of some benefit to me in the past.