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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ecoexplorer, May 12, 2008.

  1. Hi a new trader and Im with ameritrade....I think their execution time is to slow...can someone tell me whats the best online broker (low commissions for high volume buying fast buying and selling)
    PLEASE I NEED HELP !!!im losing money cause of slow execution.....:(
  2. What? Nobody can help this poor soul?
  3. Open a retail account with Assent
  4. If you think you're losing money from slow executions, you're probably overtrading.
  5. Ameritrade isn't your only problem. I've never heard of a new trader making money by engaging in "high volume buying fast buying and selling". Even a low cost direct access broker like IB won't save you from yourself.
  6. Cutten


    I find IB satisfactory for executions.
  7. APA


    now that's evil man

    that's just sick, to come and say help him but I won't

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    OP yeah IB is good
  8. I only trade the futs, and it sounds like he wants help with equities. Besides, my post in it's self was help now wasn't it. :p
  9. Try swift trading. You know swift means quick, swift trading must be pretty quick, don't you think so?