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  1. I want to use signal from a source. But i have some basic questions. After putting the signal , i have to run the computer or not. I have DSL connection, if i do not use the internet ,it autometically disconnect. So if it disconnect, my order will cancell.If i shutdown the computer after putting the signal ,my order will cancell or not. If anybody help me to give the answers , i wll be happy.
  2. Where is your order held pending execution, on your PC or on your brokers servers?
  3. I did not understand what do you mean. Let say i put the sigal in the real accout and submit . i think it will go broker server. then if i close computer , it will running or not.
  4. What signal?

    If you place an order and it's accepted by your broker and appears on a blotter somewhere then yes, if you turn off your computer it will remain active on the brokers server.

    Give us an example of what you're trying to do as I'm not sure I understand.

    What is your native language, maybe someone else can help better?