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  1. Hi,

    I am new to e-mini trading. I downloaded open e-cry demo platform to trade e-mini. But i found ES8H SP and ESH8 spread . Now i do not know what is it. i want to trade e-mini sp.If anybody explain me broadly i will be happy.
  2. You want ESH8.

    How to get a chart:
  3. Hi brownsfan019,

    Thank you for post. I have confusion about one thing. i want to trade sp e-mini. When i will look for qoute and order which simble i have to look for . It is esh8 or else and how many simble for sp-emini. Which platform you are using and which platform the picture.
  4. The screenshot is from Open ECry, which is what you said you were using.

    Again, you want the ESH8.