HELP...Xp CPU failure

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Digs, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Digs


    I have ...

    XP SP1
    Mother Board ASUS P4PE
    CPU 2400 mHZ
    RAM 500 MB
    HD 40 GIG

    Sometimes when I start up my computer a voice says "cpu failure".. and it opens to the bios where the CPU size is selected.

    Confusing thing is that the BIOS is set to 2400 MHZ...but the above still happens.

    And does not happen every time I turn on PC, just now and then ...

    Any ideas to fix it...
  2. Possible intermittent hardware fault - do you have any hardware diagnostics you can run for a while trying to catch it?
  3. nkhoi


    are you sure it say CPU failure, I though if CPU failure it won't be able to say anything, on second though it may trick you into giving it more power to take over the world :D
  4. is it running at 2400 mhz or is it XP 2400+?
  5. Its definitely not a software issue, since at that point, the OS is not running yet.

    You may want to contact the manufacturer of the computer.