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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by oleyefi, May 14, 2010.

  1. oleyefi


    hello have a very strange situation with the prop, funds was send 4 months ago but I don't get an account and can't get money back , manager is ignoring my calls, emails .
    Maybe some one can help, know how to make him give funds back?
  2. LeeD


    4 months is way too long to start warrying about (presumably substantial) sum of money. You will want to talk to a lawyer at some point. If the "prop" is in a different country, it complicates things... but you can always enquire with a regulator: Are they regulated? If yes, can you file a complaint? If not, shouldn't they be regulated?
  3. When someone takes your money and then refuses to respond to your calls and emails, they are not "unfair" -- they are CROOKS. Get a lawyer.

  4. Please name the company to warn others.
  5. ScottSam


    Indeed, that is valuable information.
  6. LeeD


    I agree! You are not going to keep a healthy business relationship with anyone who conned you, are you?

    The only reason I can imagine to keep the name of the firm private is if they pay you a substantial sum to keep quiet on top of returning all of your money.
  7. joe4422


    This thread just smells of a Nigerian scam. At some point, if you PM the OP, I bet he ask for your assistance to get his 10 million that left his naive hands. He'll probably need 10k for the lawyer fees.

    I've seen this type of post before, beware the OP.
  8. NKNY


    What is the firms name.... I would pay them a freaking visit if it was me, it wouldnt matter how far they were either...
  9. If you can't name the firm, then we can't help you, sorry!
  10. oleyefi


    Hi I hoped this guys would return my money. but unfortunately they haven't replied yet for my calls and emails
    so i decided to revial them :

    the name of company: Lion Pride Trading
    site :
    manager i contact with : Vincent Deblois
    manager's Nick name on this forum: Vinny_Fnat

    read the sacond post on :

    His own posts:

    Also i find some scam that Vincent made: (does not exist any more)

    l will continue investigation
    and will do everthing that is possible to reveal them

    Thats how they do SCAM
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