Help with Tradestation indicators

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    Help, tradestation indicator settings
    Hi, I used to have tradestation but changed around 5 months ago. Esignal I think uses different canned (the stock settings when you open up a indicator) then tradestation. Could someone please tell me the settings on these following indicators. Thanks so much,

    1.The standard Expodential Moving Average-
    2.The Keltner Channel-
    3.The Macd-
    4.Stochastics (slow)-
  2. Yes Ebo I know. Thanks for the reply, but I used to have tradestation and don't have it anymore. I now have esignal. Esignal's canned indicators are of a different setting then Tradestation I think. I wanted someone who has Tradestation to tell me the indicator settings.
  3. mmillar


    For TS 7.2 they are...

    1. 9 period, Close
    2. Close, 20 period, 1.5 factor
    3. Fast 12, Slow 26, MACD 9
    4. 14, 3

  4. Thanks so much Mmillar for taking the time to help me. Have a great trading day.