Help with strange startup message

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  1. I hope someone can help me out with this....

    When I boot up my laptop (XP Home Edition), I get a Notepad window opening up on my desktop.

    The message is as follows:


    I have tried my "sytem restore" and it did not get rid of the message.

    If anyone knows what it means and what it means TO ME if anything...if it is harmless or if it indicates a problem. ), I would appreciate the input.

    If it is harmless, I would like to stop it from coming up (not critical, but it is annoying).

    I have run two different virus scans (AVG and Norton). My computer seems to be clean. Norton utilities shows no problems with it's "one button checkup" shows everything to be ok. Disk Doctor too.

    Any ideas or solutions greatly appreciated!!!

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    how come you always have strange window problems, do you like to mess with win registry in your spare time :D
  4. Error404,

    Wow! What exact solutions you got to your problem! I am curious as to the cause of it. Microsoft even publishes a fix.

    Michael B.
  5. Nkhoi

    check out

    Michael B.

  6. Yeah, that was pretty amazing....I would like to know the cause as well. Must not be an uncommon thing with such a specific solution.....

    which worked perfectly (I used the "msconfig" solution....seemed simple...and it was).

    Thanks guys for the help.

    LOL....No, I never mess (intentionally) with stuff I don't understand. Which is pretty much everything.

    What's really funny is that despite the fact that I am technologically retarded, there are so many people that are impressed with how much they think I know (I shouldn't even be allowed to use a computer at home:)).

    I know part of the problem is I am just too old. On the other hand, I have been using PCs since the late 80s and had to deal with DOS. I think Windows 3.0 was the start of my demise.

    Stuff was so much more straightforward with DOS. Nothing was connected to anything else. No DLLs. A program was just a program. What a pleasure.

    My hard drive was 20 Megs on my first XT type computer. Now I get emails that size :confused:(which is probably why I have so many problems)

    It was an 8088 with a "turbo"mode...ran at 8 mhz? Had to slow it down to play "pong" at normal speed:)