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  1. I've been using QCharts for the past couple of years. Few months ago they have upgraded the version to 6.0 and I can no longer see intra-day data fro more than 120 sessions. I have also downloaded the previous version (5.1) and now I realize that the data (feed) was not correct in the 5.1...Tech support was no help...What to do???
  2. I used QCharts several years ago. Great software. Pathetic data feed. And they kept saying it was going to get better, but it never did.
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    I also can't see more history. I read that it is planned to make the history available again but I do not know when. The extensive historical intraday data was a very strong point of QCharts. Unfortunately was.
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    I would not hold my breathe for the return of the historical data. Sounds like parent eSig is just standardizing their feeds.

    Esig (QCharts) knows where they are relative to their competition and thus feel no real pressure to overwhelm customers w/ excellent support. They appear to be happy to allow the flow of noobs from their marketing efforts meet their financial objectives. There are multiple threads on ET with upset people complaining about their deterioration in service & quality/speed of data.


  5. Thank you all for all your fast replies...(As I see I am not the only one complainer)
  6. QCharts is done like dinner. Stick a fork in it and move on.

    Nice job Esignal, way to add value.
  7. Drop Qcharts and go to Esig. I've used both and they seem to just keep Qcharts around because there's still a large subscriber base. But they don't seem to care about it.
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    As mentioned in this Development Update on the QCharts forum on eSignal Central, "Both our software and server development teams continue to work on QCharts 6.1. They are focusing on core tasks, such as transitioning the extended historical data from the Continuum servers to the eSignal network. This will retain all of the historical data that you have been used to in version 5.1 and make it available in version 6.1..."

    Moving 10+ years of intraday bar data from one network to another is not a trivial task, thus the extended transition time. This is an important task for us, and it is something we are actively developing and testing.