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  1. Hey,

    OK, here’s the deal. Just put together a new system. AMD 64 3500, Neo4 motherboard, duel head PCI-E card, 2 gig of pc 3200 ram, but I kept my old 160 gig hard drive (just about 3 years old)

    Now, when I put it together it was awesome, no problems. Now I have noticed some major problems. I cannot install Java...Every time I try to download/install it, my system freezes!

    Today I installed SP2 and everything went to hell. Every time I started up, it said I have a hardware or software problem and I should start up in safe mode, or I can try in normal start up mode. When I try normal start up, a blue screen flashes up for about half a second and my computer restarts.

    Now I just ran it through system restore, so SP2 is not on my system and it runs, but still cannot download Java. Also, when I try to shut down, 1 to 3 “end now” screens pop up.

    Could this be because of my hard drive? Should I just go pick up a new one? What do you think? Virus?

    Thank you for any help you can provide,
    Have a good week!
  2. your previous computer must have been an AMD if you are going to boot straight from it. or else you would get a blue screen that will show you a HAL error.

    for NT systems, the windows installation cannot be transferred from one type of cpu, intel to amd without (in my case) reinstalling windows. the operation system attempts to install hardware platform(cpu) specific software.

    reinstallation procedure


    install windows xp
    install sp2 patch
    then install java
  3. That's what I did. Previous was AMD 2600

    I reformatted my hard drive, wiped every thing off! I did just what you said.....?

  4. heat problem? memory problem?

    how about you pull everything out of your computer w/the bare essentials such as 1 video card & 1 strip of memory. and start reinstalling from there.
  5. You don't think it has anything to do with the hard drive? Everything else is brand new.

    Thank you for your help bud,
  6. brand new does not mean they work correctly. they did when they tested it. why does it have anything to do with the old drive?

    does it make weird (unusual) clicking noise?

    does it take longer than usual to open files?

    if not, then most likely its not your HD. its with one of your new components.
  7. Ok.

    So, should I bring it to my tech guy tomorrow and tell him what I told you? Maybe they can do something for me since they put the thing together?

    Thanks for the help bud,
  8. if that's the case. the best thing you can do is to reformat. reinstall xp & service pack. and then install java.

    and that's about it...
  9. i have a compaq prebuilt (compusa bought) amd 3500 512mb 200gb, dvd burner, integrated video. i added 1gb of mem, my 160gb old hd, plus new nvidia 6600gt pci-E, and my old 5200 pci

    works very well. coming up 5months old

    computers are cheap enough to the point that building your own comp or buying from a small integrator is not worth the trouble. and you might pay more for almost the same thing.

    a better motherboard will not make the difference it used to make.
  10. DanaG


    Did you use your old case and power supply?

    I had a friend who recently put together a new system but had problems with erratic behavior with Windows XP. Turned out his power supply was marginally defective (brand new too). Just enough power to boot Windows, but not enough to run it reliably. He replaced it and it's worked fine since.

    If you used your old case and power supply (or even if it's new), maybe the power supply is not quite powerful enough to run your new motherboard and video card (and if you got a new high performance video card, those things can really suck power).

    Just a thought.
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