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  1. Hey everyone i have been trading for about 1.5 years and am looking to try new ideas. This opening order idea seems pretty cool. (although i am not sure if it will work as well now cuz it seems like so many people are doing it now). Can anyone give me ideas of how to do it, or where to look for info on it? I am going to back through Dons Openings but there seems like a million posts. I don't know a single thing about the opening orders so i have to start with pure basics.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I know there is a seminar being put on today by Rob Tharp and J Kirkland. I wish i was their, but unfortunately it is a long way from where i am located.

    And out of curiosity do you think the opening order starategy still works or do you think too many traders have caught on to the idea so now it isnt working as well?
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    I thread part 1 or part 2 (I forget which now,) this guy Mike explained what he thought was being done. I then told him he got it.

    Once you understand that part, read the rest for:

    1) using indications to adjust for particular stocks
    2) using the slingshot "technique"
    3) how to deal with news
    4) how to adjust the envelope up/down based on how much the spoos are up/down
    5) knowing which stocks to do this with
    6) using the e-minis spoos and software to automatically enter the order at the last possible moment before the NYSE opens.
    7) fine tuning the envelope with things like beta


  3. Sorry Nitro i do not understand this I thread part 1 or part 2?

    Do you mean Dons openings part 1 or part 2? And also if anyone knows where to find Dons openings parts 1-3. I can only go as far back as Dons openings parts 4 -6?
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    Don's threads are the bible of this stuff..

    Really, you can only go back to 4-6?


    nitro :confused:
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  6. Nitro i have found all the threads now. Don't ask what i was looking at before. Thanks alot for the help. Now to start going through a million posts. I will pay special attention to the ones you mentioned.

    Happy trading
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    Happy studing and best of luck!