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  1. So since this Sandy Hook episode I've felt an urge to arm myself.. not because I feel threatened but because we all know some type of bs ban is going to be attempted. I wanted to do the same thing after the batman shooting but put it off. I've sorta always wanted a gun but I don't have any firearms training and I've only ever shot some pos .38 pistol, and only a few rounds at that.

    I've done some research and I want an AR-15 :D. I have NO experience whatsoever with a rifle, none, zip, zero. I've never even held one. In my state the laws currently aren't too strict and AR-15's are allowed, along with 30 round mags etc.

    Anyway, most of the vendors online seem completely sold out of finished rifles, and I've been to two gun stores near me and they are both sold out. My questions are:

    1) should I buy one used, (assuming I can find one)?

    2) In your opinion who are the best parts makers? I've was reading threads on and other forums, seems like Bravo Company, Palmetto State Arms, Noveske, Daniel Defense all have good reviews. I was looking at buying a complete BCM rifle but they sold out really fast lol.

    3) Should I buy a complete rifle or purchase the parts separately and assemble myself?

    4) My understanding is only the stripped lower receiver counts as a firearm in the eyes of the law as it carries the serial num.. if I just buy a receiver or two now, will I be able to get parts for it after a ban (if it is the same as the clinton ban)?

    5) The law seems to be if you order online, that you must have it shipped to an FFL, is that correct, and if so how does that work?
  2. You're buying at the most expensive time right now, don't follow the lemmings. Wait until a republican is president. Buying now is like buying at the top of the real estate bubble, not smart.
  3. Semi-auto shotgun with 00 buckshot is a better home defense weapon, unless you fear hordes of marauding zombie liberals attacking your home and you have good sight lines in all directions.
  4. are semi-auto shotguns on the chopping block? Plus I'm really not worried about home defense, I just want a damn ar-15 before it gets banned. imo, if civilian police can have them, then I should be able to as well.

    I understand they are more expensive now BUT this isn't an investment.. and for all I know I may never be able to get one again.
  5. pspr


    If you know you want an AR-15 but aren't a gun enthusiast I would suggest you purchase a complete rife. Prices seem to be 50% to 100% higher than they were before Sandy Hook. If nothing gets done in Congress or if it is just similar to the Clinton ban prices will go down eventually.

    I've purchased from this auction site a few times. You will need to register to bid.

    Just like ebay, check the reputation of the seller. Most are small dealers and are reliable. There is a rating for them in each auction listing.

    How it works: Under the menu 'Buyers' there is a link to a list of FFL dealers. Find one in your area and call them to make sure they are still in business and what they charge (usually about $25).

    When you win an auction you will need to ask for their address and total amount. You will send them the funds by the method they allow (often by credit card or money order). You will also need your FFL dealer to send them a copy of his FFL license and address. Sometimes they do this by fax.

    After the seller gets your money he will ship your weapon to your FFL holder. He will then contact you when the weapon is received. You then go to his location, pay him his fee and he will do the background check and give you your rifle.

    It's pretty easy. Just note that some of these FFL holders work out of their home. Others have gun stores. I've dealt with both and never had a problem.

    If you are buying from a seller in your state you can deal with him in person and avoid having the rifle shipped to another FFL holder.

    Brands like Bush Master, Smith & Wesson, Colt, DPMS are just some of the good ones. Some are more propietary than others for generic changes later. The better the manufacturer reputation the higher the price for the same thing. You will also need to decide on what rifle features you want. 5.56 nato, .223 Remington, 7.62 nato. Some of the 5.56 models will also say .223 is OK too. Fixed stock or collapsable. Short barrel or longer. Fixed sight or scope ready. Carry handle on top or not. etc.

    Look through some of the listings and you will get an idea of the options, prices, etc.
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    1) the new and used market has been decimated, very difficult to find either and if so you will be seriously gouged in price

    2) all the ones you mentioned are suitable

    3) since you have zero experience with rifles your first should not be assembled by yourself, too many chances for errors and problems

    4) many have done just that and the new/used receiver market has also been decimated; if you find them you will pay top dollar.

    5) if you are buying non-firearms online (parts, ammo, etc.) they can be shipped directly to you; if buying firearms they must be shipped to an FFL dealer. Your seller must have a copy of the FFL license of your chosen FFL on file (the seller either already has it or will tell you what they need). Then they ship to them, your FFL dealer contacts you, you go in and fill out the paperwork and your FFL runs a background check (by calling NICS, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Assuming there are no legal issues your FFL dealer turns the firearm over to you for a small fee, most charge between $25 - $50 for the hassle and the paperwork.
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    Shotguns are generally not on the chopping block except possibly the semi-auto style which the most rapid liberals want to ban (along with all semi-auto firearms). If you just want an AR-15 and are willing to seriously pay up best to take pspr's advice and go online to an auction site like gunbroker since you will probably not be able to find one in a local gunstore any more.
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    Piggy, I don't know what you're talking about when you say online sites are all sold out. I went to Buds and found plenty.

    What is it you're looking to pay?

    Take good note of Magna's point #5 above.
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    Tsing Tao

    Crap, I hit re fresh on my browser and it all lists at out of stock! LOL...I must have had an old cached site. Regardless, tell me what you're looking to pay and I'll find some for you.
  10. pspr,

    thanks, I am checking that out now and it might be the road i have to take. Unfortunately I'm really not gonna know what I'm getting though, and i would hate to piss away like 2k or more and get a beat up piece of garbage lol. ideally I would like a flat top or whatever its called so I can change the sights assuming my preferences change over time, and a floating hand guard that I can add a foregrip or whatever to it. I guess the more modular the better so if I don't like something i can change it.. and I'm sure my opinions will change as i get some experience.

    Also, in your opinion is colt etc really the same as the others I listed, in terms of quality? Like some guys say steel barrels are better, or cold hammer forged, but is there really a noticeable difference or is it just a matter of preference? I would prefer durability over anything else.


    thanks for your answers. I would rather overpay for a lower than a whole rifle obviously, but of course i would be taking a risk that new legislation will ban the sale of parts. Do you happen to know if during the last assault weapons ban, parts were still available for purchase?

    i appreciate your help guys.
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