Help with Microsoft Outlook Express 6 : e-mails appear in inbox hours after sent

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  1. I have MS OE 6 as my e-mail client.

    Today I had problems with incoming mail. I would hear the chime which sounds when I have new e-mail messages, but the inbox would not show that new e-mail.

    Hours later, the several e-mails I had heard were in my inbox finally did appear, and some of them were quite important ones that I was not able to reply to expeditiously because they appeared hours later.

    While this was happening, I was able to send test messages to myself and they appeared almost instantaneously, as they should.

    I also rebooted, but the problem continued.

    I called my tech support (Verizon DSL), and was told there was an incoming server slowdown earlier in the day but that it only lasted a half hour. But this problem of mine lasted far longer than that.

    Tech support told me it sounded like a Microsoft problem and I would have to contact them for tech support, something that is costly.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them, and if so, what was the cause and the cure?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I couldn't tell you what your problem is but I use hotmail for all my correspondence. I use it with Outlook Express and on the web and find it to be quite reliable.

    I like it because it has good virus protection. I can use it on any computer anywhere. I also don't have to change my email address if I change my internet provider.

    In this case if the delay happened to me with Outlook Express, I could double check my hotmail on the web. If the email worked on the web, then I would know that there's a problem with Outlook Express.
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    Yes, I did. But it has nothing to do with Outlook Express. The Email-server which went down, causes other servers (which forward your email) to store the emails and try later. The stored emails (which can be quite a lot) will be forwared to you later and can take long. In my case it took much longer than 6 hours.
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