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  1. So I am a complete grade A moron when it comes to computers. Hopefully someone will indulge my ignorance.

    Don't know if any of this matters.

    Have a Dell with Intel P4 3.00 w/ 800 mhz FSB.

    Installed 2 GB RAM.
    Memory Speed = 533 mhz.
    Dual Asymmetric

    Dimm 1 512mb
    Dimm 3 1GB
    Dimm 2 512mb
    Dimm 4 empty.

    Here is my question.

    My platform has been hogging memory big time lately and want to upgrade to 4 gigs and get it over with. But want to do it right.

    Saw a Samsung 2 GB 667 mhz.

    Will this work? Or is the 667mhz unnecessary or incompatible? Should I find a 533mhz?

    And when I install the new memory, should I switch them around and take advantage of one? Or does it matter?

    Thanks in advance for any help. Obviously haven't a clue what I am doing, but would like to get as much bang as I can.
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    to be on the safe side, you should give us your computer's model number.

    it is not difficult to find out what type of memory you need... everything is on the web. We can help you find it.
  3. Dimension E510.

    I found the 533mhz that is compatable. Just didn't know if the 667mhz would help, hurt or not matter. And then whether or not I need to switch the order of the memory.
  4. Cool. thanks.

    Now do I just throw it into the empty dimm4?

    Or does it matter?
  5. If you are having recent usage of CPU memory all of the sudden it can be something else causing you the problem. When we put Windows XP Service Pack 3 on four of our PCs all of the sudden we noticed a big increase in CPU use. We discovered that a new tool was installed with the Service Pack 3 which is suppose to help find files anywhere on the PC. After uninstalling it, the PCs returned back to normal CPU use and we knew that was the cause.

    When you buy your memory chip upgrades the memory vendors will verify that it is made for your model PC. Looks like you will have to buy at least 3 memory chips or maybe you should go with 4 to keep them all the same, but at least keep the new one's megaherz speed equal or greater to the one gig one chip you keep, if that is the route you choose.
  6. hah, thanks wareco. That would have been a mistake.

    swing- so you are saying I should ditch the 2GB I already have and make sure they are all the same? Or will it work just adding 1GB to the DIMM 4?

    Thanks you guys. Great help and so fast.
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  8. Another good site that I have used is
    pick your model # and it shows you what choices you have.

    I bought from them a few years ago. Prices seemed good and shipping was fast.
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