Help with Lean Hog Abbreviations-newbie question

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  1. On INO.COM there are guotes for
    lean hogs CME - LE
    lean hogs CME- LH
    lean hogs CME - S.B.S. HE

    Can someone tell me, or refer me to a source. where these abbrevations are expalined. ... and their ramifications, rules, etc.

    or, if you have the time, can you explain these abbreviations?

  2. lar


    Check with the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) for their product specs and symbols.

    For future reference, the exchange a commodity is listed on is the end all and be all for contract information.

    Peace and gtty.

  3. Dearest Lar:

    I WISH and PRAY that the exchange were the end all the be all for contract information! The CME web site is very newbie unfriendly.
    The Initials S.B.S. is NOT defined.
    The abbreviation LTD is NOT defined.
    the contract abbreviation LE is NOT defined.
    And the Hours of trading contain footnotes and parens which are not adequately explained either! What the heck is the 12:00 PM in parens doing there??????? Click on it? You get taken to a 2 page list of "notes" none of which explains what the 12:00 on parens means either.
    If the exchanges are sincere about attracting new customers, they have to make the effort to humanize their web sites.

    No Peace without prosperity!
  4. i wouldnt worry about it.hogs are either cme or globex.le should be live cattle (globex) could be messed up.
  5. bunkinc


    my understanding is:

    LH = pit hogs
    HE = elec. hogs

    LC = pit live cattle
    LE = elec. live catlle

    The other stuff s.b.s etc, I don't know.. but I don't care either :)
  6. "LTD" usually means "Last Trading Day" in the contract specifications.
  7. lar


    Hi There Trainee2006,

    You have to be able to research these sites. For example, the CME link I gave you has a site search box. I simply put LH LE into it and clicked. Here is what it gave up:

    CME Board Of Directors Approves Side-By-Side Trading Of Lean Hogs ... ... Electronic trading quotation (ticker) symbol is HE (open outcry symbol is LH). ...
    Electronic trading quotation (ticker) symbol is LE (open outcry symbol is LC). ... - 15k - 2001-12-31

    Of course, this is just one of the first steps. I've always viewed the research portion as a informational treasure hunt where you follow the clues till you are satisfied. The surprise value in doing it yourself is that you pick up a lot of relative and associated information. One of those ancillary concepts may be just the thing your trading system needs.

    Happy hunting.

    Peace and gtty,

  8. Thank you LAR and everyone else who helped me!

    Your data and links provided me with the information I needed.

    As you can all surmise, I'm trying get get a grip on this stuff and your patience is very much appreciated!!!

    Thanks and have a good weekend!