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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by aki108, May 22, 2020.

  1. aki108



    I'm just moving from classic to mosaik, and for a few things that I don't find by myself I'd be grateful for some help.

    can't find a way to add new lines to the portfolio window; and I've put all possible backgrounds to white in the settings, but this one stays black; and the upper area should go away if possible;

    thanks :)

  2. ZBZB


    Right click next to v and insert line.
  3. aki108


    I tried that but no option for inserting a line shows up
  4. guru


    1. Click the lock icon to unlock the layout, then you should be able to delete/close that window/area.

    2. Portfolio is your potfolio, so it's not possible to add something new to a portfolio that doesn't have more stocks that you bought. Instead, you can create a new tab where you can add Watchlists, and then you can add various symbols and new lines to your watchlist.


    3. Not sure if you can change specific background colors, but you can change the color theme in configuration/settings:

  5. aki108


    Hi "Guru",

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    1. I did of course try it wich unlocked layout but see no way to delete the upper area

    2. that's great, so other than in classic, I can only put orders in either the order- or the watchlist-window

    3. I had chosen "light" on the Application Color Adjustment already
  6. guru


    Re: 1
    I misunderstood previously, but actually the portfolio area is not customizable. Only watchlists are customizable, and you can create them to look almost the same as portfolio, but without the extra information.
  7. aki108


    ok, great, thanks for the info. One more thing, if I may, this time in classic mode - I can't change the colors, although I've set everything at background white